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ID 0044 Casino Slot Machine ID 0045 Roulette Wheel & Dice ID 0049 Roulette Wheel ID 0053 Lucky Bag Money
ID 0054 Las Vegas Casino ID 0055A Royal Flush Poker Hand ID 0056A Stack of Casino Poker ID 0057DE Set of 2 White Dice
ID 0057GH Set of 2 Pair of Dice ID 0057YZ Set of 2 Dice Casino ID 0059 Deck Card Suits Rope ID 0060ABC Casino Poker Chips
ID 0063 Diamond Card ID 0064 Lucky Dice Poker Chips ID 0065ABC Clubs Hearts ID 0069 Black Jack Hearts
ID 0070 Slot Machine Gambling ID 0072A "Las Vegas" Name Patch ID 0072B "Las Vegas" Patch Gold ID 0073 Bucket Full of Gold