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ID 0029 Colorful Umbrella ID 0105 Bundle of Thread Patch ID 0106 Sewing Mannequin Patch ID 0107 Hearts & Buttons Patch
ID 0108 Sewing Machine Patch ID 0109 Ball of Yarn Patch ID 0111 Jester Cap Patch ID 0112 Court Jester Cap Patch
ID 0113 Umbrella Stack Patch Rain ID 0114 Strand of Beads Patch ID 0129 Black & White Shoes ID 0134 Lost In The 50s Purse Patch
ID 0136 Sock hop Purse Patch ID 0140 Rock N Roll Purse Patch ID 0141 Pink Leopard Skin Purse Patch ID 0150 Guitar Jukebox Purse Patch
ID 0572 Beach Hat Patch ID 1010 America Swimsuit Clothes Line Patch ID 1077B American Flag Flip Flop Patch ID 1079 Fancy Flip Flop Patch