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ID 0111 Jester Cap Patch ID 0112 Court Jester Cap Patch ID 0808 Jack O Lantern And Black Cat Patch ID 0809 Jack O Lantern And Cat Patch
ID 0813 Black Cat Pumpkins and Bat Patch ID 0814 Happy Black Cat and Pumpkin Patch ID 0815 Black Cat and Jack-O-Lantern Patch ID 0817 Happy Cat And Jack O Lantern Patch
ID 0818 Black Cat & Jack-O-Lantern Patch ID 0819 Black Cat & Pumpkin Patch ID 0867 Scary Forest Tree Patch ID 0869 Black Tree Silhouette Patch
ID 0870 Graveyard Cemetery Tree Patch ID 0870Z Graveyard Night Scene Patch ID 0901AB Set of 2 Witches Hat Halloween ID 0903AB Set of 2 Witch Hat Spell Book Patches
ID 0913 Cat Witch With Cauldron Patch ID 0914AB Set of 2 Black Cat Patches ID 0918 Midnight Cat With Stars Patch ID 1020 Patriotic Firecracker Patch